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Buffalo Behind the Camera



Buffalo in Front of the Camera



 By Benford Earl "Buffalo" Standley


The Saga of Writer, Producer, Dad, Granddad, and Carnie Benford "Buffalo" Standley...from his days riding

bulls in High School, water skiing with then astronaut John Glen's kids, then off to college in West Tx. during

the 60ties where he started a Fraternity and country rock band, opened a psychedelic club called The Fifth

Season in Alpine, Texas a town just West of the Pecos River and did his share of the drugs distributed to

the mass of youth... chasing Pop Festivals, then back to college to study Psychology and work with Autistic

Children while working in surgery at a large Ft. Worth, Tx hospital, with many trips to Mexico while working in

Austin country music with the Cosmic Lost Gonzo Armadillo Outlaws... and doing a University Internship

working in mental hospitals in Austin...


Dead children on the backwards then leading to his whistle blowing on the conditions that children faced in

these hospitals that then had the Governor of Texas calling up the Texas Rangers, the Senate and House

Human Resources Committees to investigate what he dug up...followed by the U.S. Justice Department and

FBI looking into the can of worms that he opened on the Texas Department of Mental Health...leading to

serious changes in the state and fate of institutionalized children...


After all this,  plus Kent State and Watergate, Buffalo decided to hit the road with some amigos to many places

South of the Border, including years living with the Mayan in Guatemala during the 70tys, traveling every country

in Central America and on to Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil in South America...months sailing the Greek 

Islands on LSD, to trippin' in Rome, Italy... then working with Bucky Fuller and Laura Huxley in Canada, and

back to his Gypsy life South of the Border...building a house in Costa Rica, and a cabana hut on his land on

Roatan Island in the Caribbean, and producing concerts in Guatemala on a ancient volcano lake.


speaking of BACK at the ranch...

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Born a 3rd generation Okie and raised in Baha Oklahoma, some call Texas, the Indians called it "Tejas".  Mother and dad divorced when I was 3 or 4

and I lived with my Grandmother and Grandfather, and with my mother off and on while she worked in Dallas, and started dating the man that would

become my step-father, who then adopted my sister and I...the rest of my life I just wanted to be away from him...thus began a life of a certain feeling of

aloneness in the world...Later he killed my mother, he is later killed I suspect, and his crooked accountant and business partners stole all the money...

No doubt millions, but for me to go after them might have gotten me killed.  More on that in "Trial of A Dead Man", about a government banker elite,

and a evil step-father. 


In high school sports kept me in line, straight that is, and popular, I got a set of drums and then begin to think about Rickey Nelson, Buddy Holly and the

cool cat  Elvis, at the same time a growing fan of Bob Wills, Chuck Berry and Sam and Dave, and dating cheerleaders, while I rode bulls in rodeos and

did not drink or smoke pot.  Then when I was 18, I drove off to college in my black Ford Mustang to play football at a college in West Texas...3 weeks

of that and I quit...dang I could get the time there were no social fraternities on the was 1965, I was ready to party like it was 1969,

we were only 80 miles from Old Mexico, so weed was in town before many places in the country.  I inhaled.  Went to the Dean of Men and the President

of the college about the idea of getting a National Fraternity on campus.  We all said "Toga Toga Toga." and here came Tau Kappa Epsilon, that is

when I became a fraternity brother with Les Paul, but more on that later when I meet Les Paul, and then introduce him to Merle Haggard on a tour with

him and Bob Dylan.   More of that at the link below with me in front of one of Haggard's busses on that tour.






2005 TOUR



Much more on the road with Merle

Haggard down this Saga's Trail...

For the first months and beginning

Chapters of this Saga it will jump

from past, to present and future...

no rhyme or reason, as sometimes

there does not seem to be in my

life...on the roads of fate and destiny

that I travel and roam...this is for my

kids and myself at this time in my

life to look back so that I can better

see dead-ahead...later this will be an

online book... get a free peek now.


"onward through the fog..."


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words  to take the ride




2013 Digital Media Festival I produced in

Silicon Valley, being the first'd

that happen that I was the first "digital"

film festival in the Valley of Silicon?


Bruce Ricker, Benford, Clint Eastwood...


The Paso Digital Film Festival

In the Hills of Beverly...

Malibu and Hollywood

Thomas Steinbeck &  Buffalo Benford

kicking up dust, and I could not live

this good even if I was rich...while

writing their story "How to make moives in Hollywood on $7.00 a

day if you friends are home.


My life is a track that I have been on...somewhat to the desire of fate and destiny.  If I look back at the pictures alone, and many of them

at events that I dreamed up, then I became the possessed with the dream, the "producer" if you will, but got to wear the "promoter" hat as

well.  And the BS hat...cause you sure got to talk big when you have a BIG, or unbelievable, to most people, idea that you are in the process

of doing... An idea can take control of you.  Willie Nelson sez, "My dreams are dreaming me."


From Cow Chips to Computer Chips

I have no idea how, but I have been on the digital

cutting edge since Willie Nelson turned me on to the

Internet on his bus in 1994, after I co produced the

short wave radio broadcast of Farm Aid that year.

This takes you to my digital the pic.
Producer Benford Standley in the Beverly Hills
Hotel Webcast Room at end of FAITA Webcast

One Ran East...One Ran West...

They're all running around in the cuckoo's Nest

Some Ran West

State and Fate of Youth in the U.S.  My 3rd

book with hope to educate and help people

know about the problems lived by millions

of our Nations Youth.








 I lived in Lilly Lawrence's incredible castle for a year

in Malibu...and from 1999 to 2003 I photographed

and posted the Malibu Film Festival and Fashion

Show online for 4 years,  first of it's kind for a

film festival and led me to the digital fests in 08

Movies and the Biz in Digital

Will be a number of links to my years wearing

my paparazzi hat, with camera and Press Passes

to cover any big movie event in Hollywood...

More history on all these stories from the

An Okie Carnie Delux

Since I was a boy, and while I was growing

up I watched my mother play her tenor

guitar or ukulele and sing.  In younger days

she dreamed of being a musician...I took

that from her and most my lived lived worn

many hats in the business of entertainment.

Launched in 1998 as

19 years of hard work to keep up


More links to this through the venture following me kickin' up dust

in the business of music.   Started with a call to do a project with

Eric Clapton.  I said, "With God?"  David Widerman said, "Yes."

I said,  "I'll do it" ... so we made some history and recorded it.




The most awarded entertainer in history, my

passion for 20 years of my life...coming soon.



I'zz born again 1967, the Summer of Love.  I'm an

ole Hippie and proud of my yogurt, granola,

bean sprouts, and herbal teas...and I tripped and

don't want down...outlaw, deadhead, cowboy

carnie, and click the pic for a Flashback...

Hollywood County Line

Summer of 2005 I produced a country night

every Monday night at the world famous

Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip

Somebody told me I was in

town tonight...I sez, "I didn't

come here and I ain't leavin'



Armadillos to




History of the Texas Hill Country



Following music history from the Native American drum

to wandering troubadours, medicine shows, tent shows

rag operas, vaudeville, singing cowboys and rock & roll.

Buck Page from Riders of the Purple Sage, with me and

Dave Somerville, founding member of The Diamonds.

Music with a Press Pass


Merle told me this at the last concert he ever performed.  We were in Oakland, Ca.

in February of 2016, he died two months later in his bus on his ranch.


Benford "Buffalo" Standley