The Standley Tribe

Ashley, Lance Desiree, Buffalo and Robby


Buffalo Behind the Camera

Buffalo in Front of the Camera



 By Benford Earl "Buffalo" Standley


The Saga of Writer, Producer, Dad, Granddad, and Carnie Benford "Buffalo" Standley...from his days riding

bulls in High School, water skiing with then astronaut John Glen's kids, then off to college in West Texas during

the 60ties were he started a Fraternity and country rock band, opened a psychedelic club called The Fifth

Season in Alpine, in Texas a town just West of the Pecos River and did his share of the drugs distributed to

the mass of chasing Pop Festivals, back to college to study Psychology and working with Autistic

Children for his second degree, and in 1970, landing in Austin right when the Cosmic Armadillo Gonzo Outlaw Country Band Wagon was hittin' the trail...while working in country music while doing a University Internship

working in mental hospitals in Austin...leading to his whistle blowing on the conditions that children faced in

these hospitals that then had the Governor of Texas calling up the Texas Rangers, the Senate and House

Human Resources Committees to investigate what he dug up...followed by the U.S. Justice Department and

FBI looking into the can of worms that he opened on the Texas Department of Mental Health...leading to

serious changes in the state and fate of institutionalized children...


After all this,  plus Kent State and Watergate, Buffalo decided to hit the road with some amigos to many places

South of the Border, including years living with the Mayan in Guatemala during the 70tys, traveling every country

in Central America and on to Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil in South America...months sailing the Greek 

Islands on LSD, to trippin' in Rome, Italy... then working with Buckey Fuller and Laura Huxley in Canada, and

back to his Gypsy life South of the Border...building a house in Costa Rica, and a cabana hut on his land on

Roatan Island in the Caribbean, and producing concerts in Guatemala on a ancient volcano lake.


Born a 3rd generation Okie and raised in Baha Oklahoma, some call Texas, the Indians called Tejas.  Mother and dad divorced when I was 3 or 4 and

and I lived with my Grandmother and Grandfather with my mother home off and on while she worked in Dallas and started dating the man that would

become my step-father, who then adopted my sister and I...the rest of my life I just wanted to be away from him...thus began a life of a certain feeling of

aloneness in the world...after he killed my mother, he is later killed I suspect and his crooked partners stole all the money...that story can be found at   little further down the dusty trail behind and in front of me...


Much more on the road with Merle

Haggard down this Saga's Trail...



For the first months and beginning

Chapters of this Saga it will jump

from past, to present and future...

no rhyme or reason, as sometimes

there does not seem to be in my

life...on the roads of fate and destiny

that I travel and roam...this is for my

kids and myself at this time in my

life to look back so that I can better

see dead-ahead...


"onward through the fog..."


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Bruce Ricker, Benford, Clint Eastwood...


The Paso Digital Film Festival

The Digital Media Festival

Launched in 1998


From Cow Chips to Computer Chips

Producer Benford Standley in the Beverly Hills
Hotel Webcast Room at end of FAITA Webcast

Some Ran West

State and Fate of Youth in the U.S.







La Cieba, Honduras to Costa Rica

Movies and the Biz...

Carnie Delux



Benford starts the first Fraternity at Sul Ross in Alpine, Texas

2nd from the left on top row...

In the Hills of Beverly...

Thomas Steinbeck &  Buffalo Benford












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